I need some opinions please I apprecite everyone

We were together 4 months and everything seemed great but one day I got a mag from a family friend a girl she said she misses me she wants to see me and my girlfrind saw that cause I opened the phone next to her and she even knows my password but still she got upset she thought I'm cheating but I explained to her she's a family friend and nothing to worry but she still accused me for cheating she saw a tissue in the car I told her I have no idea how would I know this tissue where came from...anyway she felt happy after talking about it...so after a month bam she left me for someone else! I'm so confused this is the girl was crying last month be Ayer she thought I was cheating! How come she's the one cheated and left? and she said she didn't feel safe with me that's why she left ...any opinions appreciated I'm just lost and I need help


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  • She sounds like she's just flaky and insecure. I know that sounds mean, but I'm not going to sugar-coat it. The thing with the phone and tissue was a bit ridiculous. You need to have trust in a relationship and if that's the only time anything like that has ever happened, she should have had no problem understanding that it's a family friend. It's great that you trusted her to have your password, but she shouldn't feel the need to have it anyway!

    As for cheating and leaving, she clearly is a bit of a flake. The thing about not feeling safe sounds like an excuse to me. She just was insecure and probably didn't know what she wanted. Which isn't fair to you.

    sorry that happened to you, but honestly, you're probably better off without her!


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  • 1st... let me say this there are no good reasons to cheat... period...
    if she felt unsafe in the relationship she should have communicated that to you.. before going out and cheating... besides to have revenge cheating puts you on the same level as the cheater.. i'm assuming that you never cheated on her... and at times some will use cheating as a way of getting out of a relationship they no longer wanted to be in... it sounds as though also she was looking for things to accuse you of cheating... and at times when some one accusses another of cheating its them that's doing the cheating...
    who knows she could have been cheating on you for some time and used this as an excuse... just food for thought.


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  • From personal experience, if she really thought that you were cheating on her she probably figure it was best to do the cheating and leave than to be cheated and left. I know it sounds crazy but people are terrified to be hurt and will do anything to avoid it.


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