Did you ever break up with someone because they're too different from you?

Or is that just something you say when you don't want to bother in discussing things and compromising with that person?

Seems like my ex doesn't like fighting (neither do I really!) and just broke up with me for that reason. At points seems like he's acting insecure, other that he just doesn't care about me at all if we aren't having fun...


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  • Yes, I broke up with my ex whom I was dating for 3 years. He just refused to do anything out of the way for me.. for example even wishing me happy birthday was outside his comfort zone. His family standards are way different than mine. Also, he is a big gamer. Towards the end of the 3 years, he began spending more and more time with an online game than doing anything with me. I waited for him to snap out of it for 6 months.. no good. He came back after a year.. wanting to be with me and stuff.. I had to hold my ground and say no. Now he's dating a girl he met from that site he played the game on. I hope they are happy together. As for me.. I'm better off without that drama and nonsense.


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  • not break up but I've definity avoiding trying to date certain girls when I realized we were way too different to ever be compatible

    • I can understand not being compatible...

      We knew from the start we were very different, but were kinda drawn to each other all the same. At least I was and that's the reason we started dating, but how are things suppose to work out if one of us just give up at the first divergence?

      It's not normal for people to have discussion in their first dates? Is that incompatibility?

    • i don't know maybe he just realized it wasn't going to work out so decided it wasn't worth continuing to try if it wasn't going to last

    • Yeah, you're probably right. Thanks =)

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  • I have.. But when you get to the point where you break up with the person because they are so different, you don't love them anymore.. At first, those differences seem interesting and fun, but later on it gets annoying. I have given him the same reason "we are very different to be together" but if he were to question my love for him, it was not present either.. I couldn't love him because he was too different..


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