How does chatting blossom into something more?

I have had a strong attraction physically and mentally to a man who graduated last year. I remember that I actually met my ex boyfriend right around the time I met him, and even when I was dating my ex I was thinking about him.

We had never spoken until last night after a year of me having him in the back of my mind without saying anything for a year!

He liked my profile picture first out of the blue and then I liked his in return, then he chatted me saying "ooOOOoo liking one another's photos"

We talked for about 10 minutes but he had to leave.

I want to spark this into something so we can be together when he returns home in July...Can someone help me out with this?

P.S. When he left the chat he said "I have to go but message me later and we can have more riveting conversation"
Also, I was planning on chatting him later that night like he asked but he only popped up in Facebook chat for a minute before going away again. I also feel like I don't want to talk to him too soon and barrage him just in case he is one of those people who asks you to talk later just to be nice...?...


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  • Simply start talking to him a lot.

    He will let your conversations blossom into something. Keep your hopes up.


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