Is it inhumane to move your dog to hot weather?

My dog has a really long coat, he loves the cold...unfortunately I don't. I am thinking of moving to Texas at the end of the summer. Obviously I would have air conditioning, I would buy him a cooling pad, make sure he has a cool place to sleep/hang out. And I would take him on walks early in the morning and late at night so that he could still get out when it's not as hot.

Would it make me a bad dog owner to move there knowing that it would be harder for him to deal with the heat?


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  • It wouldn't make you a bad owner. Dogs are pretty adaptable, and it's really great you're helping him along. Haha when I was a kid I lived in New Hampshire and that's where my family got our Husky mix. Then we went and moved to Florida for my dad's job. She was completely fine with the climate change. :)

    Out of curiosity, what breed is your dog? Is his coat super thick, or just long?

    • He is a long haired corgi, he basically looks like this: link

    • Aw how adorable. :) He'll be just fine. Take it easy on him as he transitions, but he should get used to it before long. When you walk him, be sure to pay attention to any signs of overheating. The best way to check is to look at his gums; if they're bright pink or red, he needs to cool down. A cool washcloth on his ears and paws will get him back to normal. My dog used to love when I did that for her.

  • Can you trim his coat?

    • I can trim his belly and chest but not his top coat. It would completely ruin his coat. And a lot of times that makes dogs hotter because their hair is like insulation

    • Omg really? I had no idea. Can you talk to a vet about it just to make sure?

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