People, Would you ever see somebody who is in a bad marriage?

ACCORDING to this man,

He and his wife don't sleep together, not even in the bed...

She slept with his best friend

heres the catch...they had a family business together between their fathers and it went under...and his finances were messed up for a while...he just recently got things back on track and he feels like now is not the right time to divorce her due to financial problems he will face...

what do you guys think?...

i know you guys don't know him but I kind of feel like I dont...what do you guys think about his "situation"?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Every single person who cheats, has told a sob story about their "terrible, failing marriage." It's the MO of the game. One of my coworkers is currently cheating on her husband who is a great guy, but she tells the man she's cheating with that he's horrible and she wants a divorce. She's told me she'd never divorce him. It works both ways. People will say whatever they have to for 2 reasons: 1) To convince the person to cheat with them, particularly if the person they want to cheat with is NOT married and 2) To convince themselves that cheating is OK.

    Just to add more evidence to this case, literally within the last week 2 men from my past tried to contact me and ask me out on a date. One is married, the other is engaged. I know this through Facebook and mutual friends. Both completely lied about their situations to me. The married man said he wasn't "officially" married and wasn't in love. The other said he wasn't even DATING the girl who I know he's engaged to.

    Don't believe the bull. If the married were that terrible, he would divorce. I don't care if there are kids or money involved, he would leave if he really wanted to. He's trying to have his cake and eat it too. Don't be that girl. You'll be kicking yourself 5 years from now when you realize his wife had no idea about this "not sleeping in the same bed thing" and you're still the other woman.


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What Guys Said 3

  • It's f***ing disgusting to go with someone who's already married... who cares if they have a bad marriage? That's their problem and they should deal with it or end it. Then they can be dated/stuff. But to be with them when they're still married? That's f***ing disgusting. His friend is a terrible friend and she's a bitch...

  • Good or bad, marriage is marriage.

  • If I knew somebody like that I wouldn't go for it. Too messy, and who's to say this person will ever really get divorced. No, I wouldn't take this guy on his word. I'd need to see the divorce papers FINALIZED before giving this guy the time of day. Too many cases where this guy never really leaves the wife. Too many case where the guy goes back even after all the crap they've been through. Combine that with the financial hell, and no way would I ever recommend going for this guy.

    Go ahead. Be friends. Keep it at that, the most. Just friends. Do nothing until the divorce is final. I sure wouldn't trust him.


What Girls Said 2

  • ... They're still living together, though.

    I wouldn't mess with it. If they weren't still living in the same house together, it might be different. But as it is.. I say it's too complicated and I wouldn't mess with it.

  • He needs to sort out his priorities. He can´t have everything good at one time, he has to make a choice, don´t spoil him.


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