Still have feelings for my ex, don't know what to do?

So my ex girlfriend and I dated for 5-6 months. We had really strong feelings for each other and were in love.

We broke up because I was grounded for reasons involving her and we didn't talk for two weeks. She said I really hurt her when I didn't send her anything on our anniversary, which is when the 2 weeks of grounding was supposed to end, and broke up with me. I felt terrible, but I didn't talk to her because if I broke that condition my dad wasn't going to let me see her again and outside of him I didn't have a means of getting down there. I later found out from a mutual friend that she was concerned about the relationship since I was going off to college, and I came to the conclusion that me not talking to her had given her an expected image of what our relationship would be like while I was in college or something like that. I tried to get her back multiple times and was very desperate and she rejected me all three times because she didn't think it could work. We hadn't talked for months and eventually saw each other again at an event and I got mixed vibes about how she felt about me, one friend pointed out that it at least seemed like she still liked me. We're still Facebook friends, I don't know if that's good, bad, or indifferent. Her friends told me they still like me and I was their favorite of all the guys she's been involved with because I loved her for who she was and didn't try to change her. We haven't talked in months since and we've been broken up for about 8-9 months. She'll be going off to college this upcoming year. I haven't blocked myself off from other girls but I have never been able to develop feelings for any, I've hooked up with (not sex) other girls and thought I developed feelings for one but realized it was just rebound. Basically after these 8 months I still love her, still care about her, still want to be with her and I can't figure out why I'm so attached. Is it a problem? Should I try talking to her, casually? Any suggestions? I want to make it clear I haven't closed myself off from other people its just that I still love this girl. I also talk to some of her friends on a regular basis and they still ask if I'm coming to school events and stuff like that. (we went to different high schools fyi) I don't know any help would be appreciated and any suggestions would be great! Thank you and I'll provide feedback if you want it.


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  • Wow all I can say is time should heal your heartbreak if not.Talk to her and see if she has feelings for you.


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  • Just remember, she is your ex for a reason. Use your best judgement and proceed with care.


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