i am in a relationship with a guy for two years. we have been through several ups and downs, even breakups but somehow managed to stay together. we work in the same office and all other colleagues know about us. we give time to each other, chat , talk, spend time clubbing,watch movies. but I find it very difficult to trust him fully. I have doubts that he might be dating other girls too as sometimes I feel that he quarrels with me for no reason and then am completely clueless about his whereabouts. otherwise he teases me, have fun with me, talks about marriage sometimes, cares about me. I love him but I think I don't trust him at all. well, a had another relationship with a guy in the past and I was cheated on. I keep comparing him with my ex and the way he lied to me for years for another girl and my worries about him rise high and I spend sleepless nights.i tried to talk to my present boyfriend about it but he lost his temper hearing about my ex. please help.


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  • I have a suggestion, take a lie detector test, its the only sure way to know, offer to take one with him, its a little out there and its around $400 but if you love this guy and wanna know for sure, this is the way to do it.


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  • You need to tell him that you don't trust him. That's pretty serious for a 2 year relationship especially if you two are talking about marriage. If he refuses to talk about it no matter how hard you try then maybe this isn't the guy for you.

    Just approach him gently about it. Explain that you want to move forward, but you just don't trust him. Tell him you want to trust him and try to open that conversation. If he really loves you then this will be important to him and he will want to help fix things.

    • i have heard that girls have gut feelings when her guys cheats on her. how true is it ? and even if he cheats on me will he ever accept it ? the more I push the more he'll try to prove himself innocent

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    • thanks for your time and opinion :)

    • Thanks! If my advice works out for you, maybe you would consider picking my answer as the best? Sorry to ask, but I'm trying to earn more Xper points.

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