Should I message him or not?

This guy is a senior in my university. We know each other, but not much. We aren't close specially since we don't have classes together. We do meet sometimes along the hallway and I often catch him looking/staring at me. I feel so awkward and shy so I usually just turn in the other direction really fast. I also don't smile at him. This happened quite a number of times. Yeah, I think I pretty much blew it.

Honestly, he's a great guy and I feel bad that I didn't show any appreciation back. And now, he probably thinks I hate him. Well, he's graduating now and we won't see each other again. I'm just thinking of talking to him. Not about personal stuff, just ask about our thesis since he has already been through that.

1. Do you guys think this is a good idea? We haven't ever talked before so it might get really awkward. But chatting online I guess makes this part easier. I'm just afraid of what he might think.

2. Guys, would you find it creepy if a girl would suddenly chat like you two are very close when it's just your first chat?


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  • Do it! This question is a rather strange for me because I'm a senior guy who is graduating who smiles at and tries to talk to a girl at my university sometimes, who doesn't attend any of my classes. Every time I have she seems to at least enjoy talking for that short while.

    If he is often smiling at you or looking your way, he would be more then happy if you just started talking with him. It's fine he won't think you're weird, he will enjoy talking with you. The ball is now in your court, are you going to return it or run away?


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