Promising to get back together?

Long story short-I dated a guy for 2 months-things were great-he thought I was shady for deleting him off fb (I didn't wana get hurt)-I thought he was seeing other girls and mentioned us seeing other people...he got pissed and told me to "f***" off and said he won't chase me...I apologized, told him how I felt-that I was scared and too nervous to ask if he was seeing other ppl...he stopped talking to me for like a month...he then said lets talk things over, that he never meant to hurt me, and that he liked what we had and it is a shame it got out of control...he re added me on fb and never talked to me for a week when I added I deleted him because I didn't wana be that creeper girl looking at his page and clearly he wasn't talking... I messaged him and said there's not pt being fb friends because we don't talk. I said I thought he was shady for certain reasons as well and it wasn't all my fault why things ended. A week later after I calm down...I send him a fb message and say eventually when I am over being hurt I would like to be friends if you's up to you. He replied and said I'd like to be friends. I don't understand why you deleted me again from fb. I told him how I needed to get over him before I could be friends and that having feelings for him still and being fb friends would make it harder for me. I said I hope I didn't freak you out telling you how I feel. He said you didn't freak me out and I understand what you are saying. He again said, let's meet up sometime and maybe talk this over in person. I said OK text me what's good. Someone said I need to give dates to be clear so I said, how about next Sat during the day? he said ok...I said would you wana do the beach or something just quick like coffee...he said beach if it is nice...(I suggested beach because I've lost weight lol and wana show)...Do you think this is a good sign?


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  • Why did you delete him in the first place and why did he think you were shady? Seems like this guy has been hurt before by the ones he cares about and sees the potential harm you may or already have caused him. Just by what you said I believe he still has feelings for you as well. No matter how far away or how long its been there is still a small attachment to an ex, even hatred is an attachment. Keep us updated.

    • the thing is-he has made NO effort to contact me-only after I explained things did he say lets talk this over in person-he's always on match dating site so I thought he was shady-and he thought it was shady I deleted him from fb-I deleted him because I was hurt-i posted a heart on his wall and he deleted it-again...shady

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    • all my friends seem to think he just doesn't give a c&&*

    • sometimes it can be a cloak to hide his true feelings cause no one wants to seem desperate and weak

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  • yes honey :o) just go ahead and meet up with him. I know what it's like to be shy and nervous in fact down right scared about liking a guy and then worrying about the what if's? at the end of the day its about how you feel and if you like him and want to get to know him and let him get to know you then go ahead. you sound pretty honest with how you feel about him and why you chose to take actions that you felt you needed to do to take care and protect yourself from getting hurt. and it sounds to me ilke he's just as nervous as you are about the whole thing. and for him to ask you what's up and why you deleted him from Facebook shows his level of honesty too. good luck and take care on this ok? you'll do fine as long as you follow through.

    • I'm always the one initiating or putting work into being "friends" -I don't wana be just "friends" but by the looks of it I don't think it will be more---bc he really doesn't put in effort-regardless-I will not be physical with him unless we are together.

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    • well hopefuly you two will get together next Saturday. I think once you meet up with him you'll be able to figure out where to go from there. and like I said he's probably feeling the same way as you so... try and stay positive ok? and as far as those online dating sites go. they suck lol so I wouldn't worry about him checking it out. he's probably bored. anyways if you can stay positive and look forward to next Saturday as having a fun day with your friend you'll do fine. take care sweetie :o)

    • I'm so afraid he'll bail-like he will not contact's just me...and he's always that dating website! I friend requested him and he won't accept or decline...he's obviously pissed about the fb delete still-like what the hell? I just feel why would he suggest meeting up? I'm scared that maybe he wants to be friends w benefits or he will try and date me but be with other people as well-i don't know---I just wish he'd let me know especially since he knows how I feel-It doesn't look promising though

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