Should I confront my Exbf for talking bad about me?

We broke up 3 moths ago because he wasn't treating me right. During our relationship of a year and a half he cheated on me and after awhile I forgave him. After that everything was perfect until I passed the night in a male friend of ours with another friend and then they started the rumor we had a trisome, which was not truth, this only happened because I lived so far from the party we went to and it was too late. He dumped me and after he took me back but it was just not the same. I tried to show him how much I valued and loved him, but it was worthless. One day I just couldn't take it anymore and I ended it.

Now we have a business project in common and I heard he's saying the reason we are not together is because I screwed half of the guys he works with and I feel so angry and deceived by him. Should I tell him to stop doing this or just ignore him?


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  • Simply tell him to stop, and start ignoring him.

    You know the truth and that's what really matters.


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