Why has my boyfriend changed his mind about marrying me?

I've been with my boyfriend for seven months, and we're really happy together. However, we're different religions. His family especially are strictly religious. He told me once a few months ago that he would never be able to marry me because his family would disown him, and also because it would be going against his faith to marry someone who wasn't the same religion as him.

I was hurt by the fact that we wouldn't have much of a future, because in my opinion religion shouldn't keep people apart. But I didn't argue the issue, because I respect his faith.

However, the other day he told me that he has changed his mind, and that if we were still happy together in a few years he would want to marry me. I am very surprised that he would go against his family and his religion. I asked him why he changed his mind, and he said "because I love you". But I'm confused, because he said he loved me back when he told me he couldn't marry me. Does he mean he loves me more now? What do you think? It's a massive deal for him to go against his family.


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  • It seems that he made a big decision and turn in his life.

    He's really into you that he wants to sacrifice anything just for your sake.


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  • a few month have past and you have bond more together.


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  • i don't know what to tell you. I am in the same position as him. you can't expect him to just ditch his family. people who don't have this type of family or background don't understand but it is a legitimate concern and you can't expect him to change that for you. if he is willing to that is sweet but it is going to be a HUGE struggle with his family, be warned. family problems can be enough to tear a couple apart. especially if he was raised religious, it's always going to be a part of him.

    just telling you from my own experience.


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