Is this guy something special? Or just another typical college dude trying to get a girl?

We are in university, and although we aren't officially dating, or gf/bf- we did go out together once to a view point to enjoy the sun so I think he is quite into me. I've never had a boyfriend before, so let me know what you think.

Here are some things that he's done:

- Apologized when the bus was late to get to where we were supposed to meet and said that he didn't like to keep ladies waiting

- Carried my picnic stuff... automatically. (when we went to the view point together)

- Played with my hair gently and said that it was perfect

- Told me that I could be myself around him

- Texted me right after we left

- Texted me that night to say "Good night" and that he hoped I had fun

- Doesn't contact me too much to the point that I feel suffocated!

- Remembers things about me that I forgot I even told him

- Always touches my back when I approach him to say hi in school


Most Helpful Guy

  • So far, it could go either way. He hasn't shown any signs of being manipulative or inconsistent, based on what you wrote. He hasn't shown any signs that he was above any other guy either. He has been nice to you, whether it's because he really likes you or he wants to flatter you, I don't know. Whether he's doing this naturally or calculating it all (like you), I don't know either.

    I say just give him positive body language signals, so he can initiate more and you can see more of who he is around people he trusts.


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  • It seems that the guy is someone special for a girl like you.

    Initiate more deep personal conversations with him.


What Girls Said 1

  • not sure yet it's barely out of the friend zone


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