Gossip cause for break-up?

There's a guy I've been seeing for a few months. One day he got up and said that he's not the right guy for me. I cried, we hugged, and we've stayed in contact, but haven't really been around each other at all.

Out of the blue, I get an earful from a friend (now ex-friend) who grilled me about my association with him, who basically told me I had no business being affiliated with him, etc., etc. It was an extensive lecture and I ended up blocking her and a small pool of people from my phone/email/FB, etc.

I've told him before that she's been watching him. From what I heard yesterday, it's more like she's stalking him. Not sure if he was "intended" for her in any way. Now... IDK, I feel like there's something he hasn't come clean about.

I just asked the guy to get in touch with me. Thinking of breaking it off completely with him. Too much drama and gossip.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Stop involving yourself with those dramas and gossip.

    It doesn't matter if your ex hadn't come clean or it's something your ex-friend did, you need a worthy guy for yourself.

    Someone who will just never give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.

    • He did come clean, though, and on his own, before all this nonsense. This is the thing that bothers me. I don't know why this gal is in my business -- or in his.

      Rick Astley, lol. Nice.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Whether it's some conspiracy of the grapevine, or whatever, it's too complicated to bother with. Gossip is like Fox News. Not to be believed, and whoever is involved with it is to be avoided. Especially those who believe it.

    • I love the "like Fox News" quip. Thanks, I needed the laugh! :)

      I think it's just one girl with a vendetta and the vapid one acting like her fog horn and spreading the word. I spoke to the guy today, who basically cleared up any confusion. He's very blunt with everyone, so I know he's giving me the straight story (good and bad) at any given moment. We agreed the gal was nuts based on who she was listening to, who has something bad to say about everyone.

What Girls Said 1

  • why did he say he's not the right guy for you? was it because of the gossip? and did your ex-friend have something to do with that? that doesn't sound right with the lecturing. in fact it sounds like she's the one who has a hidden agenda and is causing the friction between you and your guy friend. I think you did the right thing by disassociating yourself from her. and I just don't think you should let that ruin your friendship with him because of other people's drama and gossip. it sounds like that's exactly what they want to you to do. and I wouldn't give them the pleasure of interferring in your personal affairs. take care ok? you deserve to be happy.

    • IDK why he said that. She's busy stirring up trouble. Why would she be in our business or say "how dare I..."? I looked him in the face today and told him that his past really was none of my business -- everyone has a past. He still cleared the air w me just to set things straight. Nice guy. This nonsense...

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