Does my EX still feel anything for me?

Long story short we were together 4 months. She was previously into a lot of drugs/drank a lot and had a few abusive/terrible boy friends who cheated on her. She also told me she cheated on them though because they were so abusive to her. She told me not to worry and that life was past her(she graduated from college) We had an awesome relationship a lot in common. Then she started to say I got clingy but it wasn't like that.

Then she cheated on me, and begged for me back. Said she saw no end to our relationship so she had to self destruct it when she was super drunk and she didn't know why. We got back together felt super close and were honest with each other about our selves.

We SHOULD have taken time away from each other but we didn't. Things got worse we got in a huge fight. I thought we had broken up because she walked out and told me to get more mature and that we both need time. like 2 days later she's texting me she misses me. We get back together...

But she started being more distant/cold. The sex always stopped early and I started to get self conscious about that since she cheated on me and I kept thinking she wasn't into me anymore. 2 weeks later after every attempt to have sex just ended in her stopping I called her on it. We argued and basically I offered for us to break up if she didn't feel it anymore and she said she loved me but doesn't feel the same anymore.

We agreed to be friends, had a long hug after she was crying saying how sorry she was and how she didn't want to lose me but didn't feel the same... After she was gone I freaked out a little bit and texted her for the next like hour trying to fix things. Then I stopped. We started texting a week later and she just said she was going to teach abroad in asia... That made me feel really good so we ended up fighting again over text. She told me she hated me and all these nasty things to me. In the morning she said sorry for saying all those things and that she was just mad.

Then another week goes by and we have one last work schedule together where we met. I thought she hated me so I just didn't talk to her but then she made a friendly gesture offered me a snack, talked with me every now and then there and she said bye at the end. I was finally getting over her after a couple weeks of not seeing her and al the things she said to me. But now I'm confused because she seemed regretful like she missed me. That and I could tell she was ultra depressed. She looked terrible in terms of having huge dark circles under her eyes, lots of acne break out and she was super pale.

But she really is getting certified to leave the country in just a few months. I feel like that's a knee jerk reaction to us breaking up since she only has 2 friends besides me and she hardly sees them... Any thoughts? It's long and complicated I know but I just feel like maybe she wants me in her life again, even as friends...


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  • It seems that you need to spend as much time with her as possible. Let the last months in your place be the best time she will spend with you.

    Give her your all. She clearly still likes you a lot.

    • i think I need to go another week or two with out contacting her. Right now I think she's trying to deny that she has any feelings for me. Maybe not what they used to, but something is still there. She just needs time to let the bad blood between us kinda wash away.

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