Would you break-up with someone who had an accident in public?

I was just watching the first episode of Failosophy on MTV. This part came on link

So after that whole thing the host makes a comment to the guy that he's surprised he's still with the same girlfriend lmfao.

So I wanted to know, would an accident in public be something you'd break-up over? What if it wasn't in public would there be a change in your answer?

I think that's kind of silly like... an accident is an accident. link
  • I'd break-up with them, Ew!
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  • I'd break-up with them if it was a consistent problem.
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  • I wouldn't break-up with them.
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  • That'd be childish to break up over them for. Very childish.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Hahahahaha! Great vids. Never wear white pants and eat at Taco Bell! I'd never break up with someone who crapped themselves in public. Laughs like that are hard to find. In fact, if you know anyone who does it regularly I'd like their number.

  • reminds me of my mon calimarian ex-girlfriend. She did that kind of thing often


What Girls Said 2

  • id probably bring it up to the point that he breaks up with me lol

  • Haha oh man, if my boyfriend did that, we'd just be laughing about it together. It's not his fault.


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