Do I have sufficient enough reason to dump him and want to be free? Not sure what to do..some help from you (please)?

So my boyfriend and I have dated for about 10months now. However, I feel so drained and tired from it that I am losing my mind. I never feel like what I do to show him I'm a 'keeper' is enough and I don't feel like he puts the same effort towards my family and I as I do toward his. I am always going to his family's events and he never considers how I might feel about running him around all the time. He decided he didn't want to even go to my sisters wedding because he wouldn't know many people and that the ride there was going to be to long.. (I took him to his grandpa's funeral and that wasn't a big deal for me? I knew no one and it was a four hour trip plus driving him around down there then!) He doesn't have a vehicle and recently got his licence back from having gotten his second underage fine; I have litterally dropped all my plans more than multipule times to take him where 'he' wants to go.. I understand its my fault for not putting my foot down sooner but I have talked to him multi. times stating how I felt and then he'll shape up for a bit and then slide back. He always has to win and is constantly competing with me, no matter what it is. My friends state they don't know how I do it, that I am the 'settler' in the relationship and that from what they saw of him, they thought he was on a high horse.. I can't remember the last time I was happy, I haven't felt a spark when I kiss him, and now even the thought of sleeping with him is uncomfortable..Needless to say, I finally decided that I just can't go on and wondered what you all think; Do I have sufficient enough reason to dump him and want to be free? He's great to talk to on certain topics at times but anymore than that, I feel suffocated and annoyed.. Any suggestive comments? lol


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  • You should. A relationship isn't worth it if it leaves you physically and emotionally drained everyday and it's even worse that he doesn't feel the need to reciprocate what you do for him. You should have broken up with him when he said he wouldn't go to your sister's wedding because something like that is a really big deal for you and if he was the least bit serious about you, it'd be a pretty big deal for him too.

    Jerks like him don't deserve people like you who are so caring and put in so much painstaking effort to keep your partner happy because you care so much about them only to see the other person act so inconsiderate and completely disregard your feelings for the same.

    Dump the guy and move on. You'll find sh*t that's worth more than he is.


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  • You have every good reason to dump him, and hardly any to stay, so if your unhappy, you really need to get out before it makes you miserable, and it will, and for any guy to not make the effort towards you and take you for granted, this means he doesn't really consider you in this relationship anyway, so move on and get someone worthy of your talents, you have talents, they won't go un-noticed,x

  • You have reason... the only reason you need is you are unhappy. and you don't feel like you are getting anything out of it. You don't need to have a whole list of reasons to leave someone, just that you want to leave them.

  • Wow! You are quite the keeper!

    But him, quite the looser!

    Yes, you should most definitely dump him and DON'T look back!

    You said he always wants to win... This is another way of saying that he only wants to take from you and not put anything of any value into this relationship.

  • I think its the right thing to do

    The connection between you too is lost and continuing this relation would be a waste of time, I can relate to what you feel because I have been through such a relationship where the girl never really tried to understand my feelings, it will hurt for a while but soon you will realize that its better for you to be alone then be with him.

    • Thank you so much! His family is also some what involved which makes things more difficult but at the same time.. I feel better being able to do as I please and the only person to please is me this time around

    • jusT move on

      Sacrificing year life for someone who doesn't care back is useless

      U deserve better and any sensible man would be more then glad to have a girl like you in his life

      This fool is not worth your time

    • And if you run into trouble or feel bad after breaking up

      Feel free to contact me at ill try to be as helpful as I can be

      P.s I'm commited so don't take me as a perv

  • You have all the necessary reasons to dump him.

    Stop thinking a lot about him, and just find a new guy for yourself.

  • You don't need a reason to dump anyone. If you feel like it, do it.


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