Guys and Girls do you still have feelings for an ex or someone you talked but moved on?

As the question says... Do you still have feelings for an ex or that certain someone. you liked but things didn't work out... Do you tend to act like you don't have feelings? reason being Is that me and, this girl have fought on and off but I think she is just playing games in all honestly.. She said we can't be nothing but she will come out of the blue time and, time again.. I was just wondering.. Thanks for the advice.


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  • Yes!


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  • it depends on the ex and how things ended but mostly no. If its someone that you once liked and didn't work out, yeah the feelings can still be there. It takes awhile for feelings too go away but sometimes they can come back if you miss that person and still want to have a certain friendship/relationship with them.


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  • I still do have feelings for them, but I'll just take my own path and start treading it towards another girl of interest.


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