Letting him know the truth

I have been talking to a man since last summer. We went out casually and things ended when I realized he still wasn't per his ex cheating (among other issues akin to that). He just wasn't ready. I started dating someone else and still maintained contact with him, through which he asked me to "just love him already." I did and do love him very much. That relationship ended for its own reasons and now I'm back to talking to the same man. We have seen each other about once a week since then- experiencing some very intimate and emotional connections. I have not expressed my feelings to him at all during any of this. I've been trying to play it cool but I'm afraid he will think I'm just casually seeing him. I'm not. I'm only seeing him and I don't want to see anyone else (he told me last week he wasn't talking to or seeing anyone else). I would like to let him know how I feel without scaring him off or being overly dramatic. How should I approach this? I really want him to know that I care for him.
I think you meant "over his ex"


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  • Simply let him know of your true feelings. If you just keep your options open and seem like you're casually dating him, then he will lose attraction and disappear.


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