Gave a girl way too much attention, advice needed.

A few weeks ago me and a girl broke up, because I neglected her and didn't take her out much as I had a lot of things going on. I travelled for a week we were communicating normally until, she became dry and then said she was tired of hiding and I dno what. so I backed off and there she was a few days later looking for attention. So I put my heart on a dinner plate for her and told her I wna see her, she became sick with bronchitis. When she was sick I called her each day checked on her and we were speaking normally. I noticed she was closing her barriers. Instead of backing off I chose to tell her your evil take care. The next day I apologized for saying she's evil and she replied with a ? I said I called you evil and I just wna apologize, Haven't said a word since. I'm very fond of this girl I want her and I believe we were good together and I just wna take her out and show her the real me, any advice is much appreciated.


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  • You shouldn't rely on texting/calling because it will not let your chances increase.

    Simply visit her, and spend time with her. Talk to her in a very sincere, honest, and flirty manner.


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