Ex is friend zoning me! Help!

My ex and I were friends, and he had a HUGE crush on me before asking me out. We broke up 9 months later because he felt too young for something so serious. He basically got scared because he's 23, still in school, and never had a serious relationship. We have been broken up for like 5 months now. I had to see him at school everyday after the break up. But now we are all doing independent projects, so we only have to see each other once a week.

At least once a month, he confronts me to really try and work on a friendship. It frustrates me! I keep telling him that I can't be friends with an ex! He doesn't really accept that. He thinks just because he has no feelings left, that I should be over it too! every time he has these friendship "talks", it makes me sad for the rest of the day because I still love and miss him! He basically thinks that we got along so well in a relationship, and since he can't handle a relationship, might as well have a friendship (he doesn't want me out of his life!)

How do I stop him from thinking of me just as a platonic friend. I know in my heart that we got along amazingly well! I want us to keep things open for the future. Why is he doing this? What should I do?


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  • It seems that he really treasures you as a friend and doesn't want to lose you just because you both break it off with each other.

    The best way to deal with this is to just simply keep contact with him.

    By keeping contact, it will also increase your chances of being with him.

    • Thanks for your reply! It is super frustrating! I can't be friends with an ex. Its hurtful to see he has no feelings left anymore and sees me completely as a platonic friend! We dated quite seriously for almost a year, so our feelings were quite strong for each other. Either he is trying to keep me around, or just totally over it! I think he's totally over it because that's what he says when he has these talks with me. Makes me sad :( thanks for your insight though!

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