Extremly mad ex girlfriend with me?

Why can my ex girlfriend be so mad at me even almost 2 years later?We talk rarely and sometimes she is nice and other times she is cold,a while ago we had a fight that she started,she called her sister and she told that I am a pain in the ass and stuff like that.Why is she so mad when she dumped me?I can't just get it!Your opinions about it?


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  • What exactly did she dump you for? And also before you guys broke up where there other factors like did she feel you were being emotionally abusive to her in the past? And also if she is being this way then why not just leave her out of your life completely? Why put up with her bitching?

    • We broke up or she dumped me for some family reasons,we were more than fine and she when we broke up she was devastated.I am trying to remove her from my life completly but I have feelings for her sadly...But I am curious why she is bitching like this,its just meaningless

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    • No problem man, an ex is like an old band-aid. You just have to rip it off and move on.

    • Yea you are right,its hard but it has to be done.Like all the previous ones!Take care!

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