Help. My ex deleted me from Facebook.

Ok here it goes. I dated this guy from my school. And dorm. While we where dating I kept giving him mixed signals because I was confused what I wanted at the time. And then I realized I loved my ex. I asked him if we where ok? He said you toyed with my emotions a lot so where just going to be friends for now. I gave him a week of space. Without talking to him. I just felt uncomfortable to talk to him at the time didn't know what to do what tottally clueless. He returned my pillow back in front of my dorm door without giving it to me in person. I wrote back to to him a week later in person thank you for returning it he did not reply. Then I went into the lounge where me and my friends hangout it was just me and him. did not say anyting to me, While I was inthe room he deleted me from Facebook. Why did he do this? I just want to be civilized with him I'm not sure I want to be friends or relationship with him just yet though. Any suggestions to why he did this? Or what I should do?


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  • i did that to my ex way back when in HS. I felt that is better not to associate after the break up.

    the more that I would see her, the more the feelings returned

    but I knew that it could not be so I blocked her so that I would not she her face.

    Honestly that was the best thing he could do for himself so he could move on.

    I know that it comes off as offensive, but would you want to see the face that hurt you?

    she them smiling as if nothing is wrong in the profile picture when everything in you world feels like a lie and just manipulated? I would assume not.


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  • Its hard to stay friends after a break-up. It seems to me that he's hurt and trying to get over you by deleting you from his life

    • Its tough. He's in my school. we live in each others building. I just want to be civilized.

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