How to have a dj boyfriend when trust issues have been formed?

i have been best friends with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years now and together for a year but we did go through a ruff patch where we broke up for 2months and I had sex with a friend of ours that promised not to tell cause it would just start trouble...then me and my boyfriend got back together and our friend told him but lied about the sitch to make himself look better but my boy knew he was lie'n so he looked dumb but I still looked pretty bad...tisk tisk. my boyfriend is a dj tho just got a contract and does amazing trapstep but the more he gets to do bigger shows the more I worry that he will be going out of state and I have a everyday job that I can't get many days off but because of his trust issues with me I feel like he doesn't tell me everything because I don't deserve the truth or something I don't know its a scary state to be in when you love someone and they love you but you both think the other one is lie'n then you throw rave whores in there and the pressures of putting together shows and contacting and promoting that's a lot of contact with sexy ladies lol and then you throw the drugs in there and its just very hard for me to let him do this on his own I have been to every one of his shows even when we were broken up. I love this boy and regret hurting him and show him how sorry I am everyday I clean cook and do his laundry pay bills and changed my number got rid of my fb f*** I cut the world off for him because he is my world and always has been but now I'm scared I might lose him to the edm stage.


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  • Waaait. Did he have you delete your Facebook for him? Because that is not good; pretty controlling.

    Otherwise, have you discussed your concerns with him?

    Also, not for anything, you guys were officially broken up when you slept with that other guy, right? You were under no obligation to stay faithful to him while not being together. I don't know why he would have trust issues with you if you never actually cheated on him...

    • yes broken up he came into my work broke up with me then begged for me back but I was like screw that cause he didn't treat me right back then but I loved him back then and was willing to go through whatever for him then he just gave up on me I was at a loss, broken and turned to the wrong crowd screwed a party boy that I thought liked me then he screwed me over. I love my boyfriend still and am putting up with much more than most would but I can't live with out my best friend not agian.

    • Good luck to you. I hope he treats you better.

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