What does this guy feel for me?

A man I have been very good friends with for a while and I started dating a while back. We dated for 6 months and recently(this month) we broke up mutually because at the time we felt it wasn't working, but we are still very close. I still see him everyday and we spend our free time together. I am curious what you guys think he is thinking/feeling for me. He is a wonderful guy and I would love to get back together with him, but I feel like I've been friend zoned. How should I continue with my interactions with him and how do you think he feels for me? Thanks :)


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  • It seems that he still likes you very much, and you just need to show that you're still willing to be with him. Let those eye contacts linger longer, and those smiles of attraction expressed with passion.


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  • Show him you are a woman, flirt with somebody just a little hit though in front of him, and don't text him for next two days, should work:)


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