What is he looking for out of this?

I have known a guy sense grade school, we've always flirted with each other. Once he enlisted things between us became more, we had planned to go on a date but he had been sent out to Iraq. When he gets back we spend every day together and he's always checking up on me. We use to send dirty jokes but now its become more personal and more about this is what he wants to do. He calls me beautiful or sexy but he never moves past just the talking. I'm not sure what to think because we have cuddled and we always hold each other and show affection but it never moves beyond that. We kissed once and that's the most it's ever been over the past four years. he's stationed across country and only comes home one week out of the year. he hasn't had relationships sense his stationing but I have, he has known how I feel for him for years. So these resent emails have me questioning whether or not things will be different or if I should move on. What does he want from me?


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  • He really does want to have a relationship with you, though there's this big obstacle that's preventing him to move things forward. He's always deployed and is always away from you so he's giving you chances to find a guy for yourself.


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