Was I wrong for snapping at my ex for her comment about my current girlfriend?

I was talking to my ex on the phone, we are still good friends, she asked for a picture of my girlfriend. I sent her a picture of her,

She said "She is okay, but our friend Emily looks better and So do I"

I said " She is extremely beautiful, she is the most attractive girl I ever dated"

She said " So you're basically calling me ugly?"

I said " No, but you just said the same thing about my girlfriend"

She said " She is okay but not that beautiful"

After that I kinda yelled at her and hanged up, Was I wrong for her stating her opinion?

  • Yes, She was just stating her opinion.
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  • No, Opinion or not, That was rude.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, everyone has their own opinions. You think she beautiful, your Ex thinks she's ugly. These are just opinions, not statements so just chill. But you have the right to be a bit upset over it, I know I get upset when people talk about my friends or who I'm dating.


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What Girls Said 8

  • Next time just call her a bitch and hang up the phone. If saying that your girlfriend is the beautiful girl that you have ever dated and she takes as you calling her ugly... thst ex isn't good for your relationship.

  • She stated her opinion, and you stated urs no you were not ride. Actually I think that was nice of you for taking up for your girlfriend, I'm sure she would be proud.

  • u weren't wrong

    u like your girlfriend and you have the freedom to say watever you want about her " good things"

    but I see that your ex made smth from nothin

  • Have to be completely honest, she has her own opinions, you can't change her, it was super rude for you to hang up, I see your point, she's your girlfriend and you defended her, I got it, but, it's her opinion, you have to deal with it because your going to met a lot of people who have bad opinions about you and anyone else you care about, it's completely wrong what you did. You owe her an apology for doing that, no one is perfect and everyone has their own opinions. FYI, you should never say that to your ex because it makes her think that your trying to make her jealous, so, that's why she said that, you were completely wrong, COMPLETELY!!!

  • no that was just plain rude...

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What Guys Said 1

  • You're wrong for yelling at her.

    There's no reason to snap. She's just stating her opinion, and everybody's entitled to it.


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