Message for my ex send to my boyfriend by a mistake what?

ok mistake I send my current boyfriend a message that was going to my ex... my ex wants me back .. and he is very annoying.he sends me messages every 2 or 3 minutes and because I don't replay he comes and waits for me outside from my house . so I send him a message to clearly express to him that I do wish to have no contact with was a very bad message ..i told him that we are over and that I don't want him in my life.. I told him that I don't have feelings for him anymore...but by a mistake I send this message to my current boyfriend ..ok and now what? what to tell him? my boy didn't replay to me..what to do now?


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  • file for stalking/cyber stalking and leave it at that.


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  • just tell him the truth that it was sent to him by mistake and it was for your ex because of his annoying... if he believed you he will be happy and more sure you dnt cheat on him .. but if he didn't believe the moment you tell him but mayb believed perioud of time later .. that won't b good 4 both of you :( so it depends to him and you should talk to him immediately that will be positive for u


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