We're technically still dating, but my girlfriend is on the verge of breaking up with me, how do I prevent thi

So, me and this girl started talking a couple Saturdays ago, March 9th was the first day we started talking, and I remember that because I asked her out a week later. I met her through on of my friends over the summer, so we've met a few times before. We Skyped more and got to know each other better, we couldn't really see each other often because she lives in wisconsin and I live in Illinois, we're 25 miles apart, but when I did try to go see her, it sounds crazy, but I walked there once, and biked there twice, At 530pm after school we were talking and I was saying that I would truly do anything in the world for her, and offered to walk to her, she said "would you be mad if I said yes? because I really want to see you" So, I did. Only I thought it would take 3 hours, when in reality, it took 8 and a half. The worst part was, neither of us had our phones, mine was taken away and hers was shut off, the only way we could contact each other was through Skype. And I didn't have my laptop with me, which was dumb of me. So, I ended up getting there at 2am and she said to be there at 8pm. I finally got picked up at 10am and left a note for her. She said she was going to say "I love you" to me had I gotten there in time. :/ But, she said she cried twice at night and twice in the morning because I wasn't there "/ We talked on Skype that night and she finally forgave me for not getting there on time, and she said that I could make it up by biking there on Monday.(I couldn't get my bike back until Monday) So, on Monday I biked up there and was supposed to meet her after soccer at 530, but it was snowing and I was riding into a 20mph wind, but that's no excuse :/ I left right when I got home from school and got there at 8. I went to the bowling ally where she said she would be at, and she had already left. I tried asking people for their phones to send her a message on Skype and I was willing to pay them and let them do it for me if they didn't trust me with their phone. Finally someone let me and the girl said to meet her at walmart, because she didn't want her dad knowing about me. So I did. I gave her flowers and we chilled at walmart for awhile. We then walked back to her house, and before she had to leave, I asked her out. She didn't answer at first, she just put her hand over her mouth and had a surprised smile on her face, and after about a minute, she said "yeah". That night she told me that I made it awkward because I bought such an expensive gift, and I shouldn't have. But our relationship got stronger as the days went on, We talked on Skype for the past week, and she said that I could come over 2 days ago, so I did, I biked halfway and then got a ride with someone. I got there and we chilled. I stayed at walmart overnight because it was too cold to ride back. And we spend time together yesterday too. We were going to her grandmas house and we did, we kissed for awhile before we got out of the car and our relationship was better than ever. We got
inside and were about to help her move stuff into her house, until the girl got a call from her dad saying that he needed to go to the hospital, and she needed to give him the keys to his car, so we had to drive back up to her house. And I needed to duck and go on the floor and run out of the car, so I did. And then I was supposed to jump out of the car and run into the forest before her dad came out, but, her dad was already walking down the road when I jumped out, and saw me. I got back into
the car and we drove back up to her grandmas to get her phone, then we went back to walmart where she dropped me off, I kissed ashley, and told her it was all my fault. I got out of the car and that was the last time I saw her in person. We were texting, and she said she wanted to sneak out yesterday after this all happend, but then something changed. She texted me: "We may need to talk..." And she said that because everything went downhill with her dad, and her dad keeps annoying her about it,
the incident I mean, she thinks that the only way to stop her dad from annoying her about it is to break up. She never officially broke up with me though. So I think were still technically dating. I talked to her on the phone yesterday, telling her how I put everything that I had into this relationship. She also gave back the necklace saying that it was too much, but this was on Friday when we spent time together. She just said it was too early and not to give her something like that until later


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  • It's a bad idea to date her. After jumping through so many hoops... that's crazy. Break up with her.


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