Why does ex girlfriend not acknowledge me in a group of people?

What are reasons for an ex girlfriend to not make eye contact (she looked at me once and when I turned she looked the other way) at lunch. She'd turn and talk to my friend but it was like she was trying to not acknowledge me. What the hell?! It's been a month and it's pretty much her fault that she wanted to end it.

It's been a month of no texting/calling.

Does she have another guy already? Does she miss me? What gives?!


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  • She still isn't over you,

    She's uncomfortable around you,

    She's is trying to hide her hurt,

    It's a pride thing,

    Love is turning into something ugly... You pick

    • Really?

    • Yes really. This happens whether you were in a relationship or if someone was rejected.

    • Well why hasn't she contacted me then?

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