I'm perfect for her and she knows it?

She's had a boyfriend for 3 years. They were high school sweethearts and he was her first and only boyfriend.

We became friends a few months ago and we instantly clicked. She admitted that she had a huge crush on me ever since she met me. She said herself that she loves me and I'm absolutely perfect for her.

She broke up with her boyfriend finally two weeks ago because he didn't want to finish college and she wanted him to. She went on a date with another guy two days later and even kissed him twice. She told me that she wanted me to take her to prom and we could try being a couple.

Then today she tells me she had a dream where I proposed to her and she said no. That obviously hurt my feelings. Then later she told me she really missed her boyfriend and I said it's natural since they just broke up, but then she tells me they're just on break as she plans on getting back together with him, even before prom.

I feel totally shafted because I'm, like, her soul mate yet she's going back to this terrible guy. She obviously doesn't love him and is just used to having him around after three years, so how do I convince her to not go back to him and look for other people (like me maybe) instead? Please, this is killing me, because I thought that I was special to her and now I just feel used. How do I stop her from making the worst decision of her life?


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  • She has to decide who her soul mate is not you. If she wants to get back with this guy let her and then go get another girl. Because if she were really, truly interested in you then she would have either dated you or became your girlfriend. Also people can and will lie, I remember my first many people told me they loved me or wanted to marry me but they did not.

    This girl sounds really indecisive , and to just break up with her boyfriend because he may not want to go to college, she sounds flaky to me. She also told you she loved you then dated another guy, then wanted to get back with her BF. I think you deserve someone better than that. Hell what's to say if you did end up dating her she won't end up changing her mind about that because you forgot to brush your teeth one day.

    If you want to stop having a controlling opinion distance yourself from her. Stop getting to involved with her issues, chat with other single girls you may like to date. Think about the fact that your single and your free to date or hang out with who you chose. Or just think about how she lied to you, should you really be that considered with someone that lead a friend on then hurt them?

    • Thank you for such a great response! You're right. She doesn't know what she wants. And it's not my problem about who she does want. I only want her to like me because I like her, though I don't want to like her any more. I still don't think her boyfriend is right for her, but if I can like her, she can like him, right? Thank you for the help. It still hurts, but knowing that this isn't my fault makes it hurt a little less. :)

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  • She just has no clue what she wants. If she loved you as much as she said she did she would've started dating you and not some other random guy after she broke up with her boyfriend.

  • If it is what she wants then how is it wrong? Just because you have really strong feelings for her doesn't mean she has them to that level. It may be wrong to you, but maybe not to her. She obviously isn't too interested in you if, after breaking up with her boyfriend, she went on a date with another guy and still plans to get back with her boyfriend. She sounds like she doesn't know what she wants, but it def doesn't seem like it is you if she only wants a short relationship before getting back with her ex.

    • She said she loved me and wanted to be with me instead of him. I just don't know why she changed her mind after she was so sure about breaking up with him. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm not respecting we opinion, and I feel like a douche for it, but it's hard to not feel angry or not have an opinion when you're best friends and you liked each other. She said she did, she really did. So that's why. How do I stop having such a controlling opinion?

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