Why is my ex hanging around if he's with someone new?

So.. my boyfriend left me for another woman.

It's been 2 weeks.

Since then, every weekend and every Tuesday night, religiously he has been at the hotel at the end of my road (gigging but sometimes hanging out). He has been there other nights in the week as well but always there Tuesday and Saturday.

There are plenty of other places for him to go, there's 3 other pubs that do live music within a 5 minute drive, so why is he hanging around at the end of my road?

He hasn't made any attempt to contact me, he just seems to always be there. Can anyone shed some light on why?
He's 21, she's a 16 year old emo kid. Everyone is convinced it won't last, she's not really his type. I don't know if this matters to the story.
Also, neither him or his girlfriend live in the same place as me. His girlfriend lives in the middle of nowhere and he comes from a town with very good live music presence.


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  • It seems that there's something about the place that's making him go back.

    It must be nothing that concerns you.


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