Boyfriend has implied I'm greedy with his time - how to respond?

We only really see each other once a week, sometimes less sometimes more depending on our schedules/what's happening on weekends.

He's not the most outwardly affectionate of guys, which I don't mind as I much prefer that to my clingy, needy ex. Anyway, he's going away for a few weeks, so it'll be at least that long before I see him again and I just commented that it'll be a while which is a bit sad for me. He replied quite sarcastically and it sounded like he has implying I was being silly and greedy with his time. I don't know, maybe I'm just reading into it too much, but I felt a little hurt, I don't want to feel like he doesn't enjoy seeing me as much as I see him. I think he picked up on that Because he changed subjects.

Just not sure how to respond to this - suggestions on this kind of situation/dealing with a partner who's not as affectionate a person as yourself?


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  • if he doesn't care as much he doesn't care as much. there's nothing you can actually do about it . there's no point feeling badly.

    this is him. if it bothers you alo. break up. maybe how you feel now is how your clingy boyfriend felt. you shouldn't think of people as clingy because there will always be a time when you're in the the shoe.

    just recognize people have different styles of connecting. no one is clingy its just different preferences.

    if this isn't working break up.

    on the other hand a few weeks is no big deal. you know you'll see him again so look forward to that.

    it probably bothers you because the quality f time you spend is lacking. if you felt wholesome in the time you spend you probably wouldn't be feeling sad before he's even left.

    you should probably re evaluate how well this whole thing is working.

    wherher its easier for him or not to be away. he's still being an ass.

    thereso excuse for that.


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  • It seems like he's just having a bad day. Give it time, and let him enjoy his getaway, and try to reignite things when he comes back.

  • Just let it slide. It doesn't need anything further.

    The truth is that guys are often (if not always) better at dealing with short term separation from their SO than girls are. It's just a fact of life. Don't take it personally.

    • lol your entire premise was personal to all women. and its not a fact. only your opinion.

    • Well what else would you expect from a website where people give their opinions on questions asked by others?


    • you gave your personal view about women. she's a woman. its personal. to say don't take it personal is incoherent.

      youre supposed to recognize your view is your view. not the facts of life. unless you actually do research. but I'm guessing not otherwise youd have something more clinical than twat to call me.

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  • Well, I'd hope he doesn't mean what he said. I hope he was joking. Because a guy who loves you should want to spend time with his girlfriend. A guy who loves you should make you a priority, not see you as an annoyance.

    Plus you two only see each other once a week. I would talk to him about it. It's crazy if he truly feels like that. And if he does, you might need to find a new guy. That is just not right. Sorry, I dated a guy like this for 2 years, waste of time!

    If he was just joking, let it go. He didn't mean it then.


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