Guys be truly honest, Do all men cheat?

Ok,i have heard so many people say ,in all types of situations or just in general or even nonchalantly,all men cheat...

But what the hell does that really mean,and honestly is it true,because it scares the sh*t out of me,that it seems like people just truly believe this and want others to accept it.

so what's the deal ,do all of you cheat,what? is it that you guys are always looking for opportunities and chances to cheat ,do you flirt and try to make chances happen, I mean wtf,really guys be honest NO ONE can see you ,do all men really cheat...and if so why?and is it stupid for a woman to actually believe her man is true.and please guys don't take this personally,because women cheat also,but I don't hear it as much...


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  • Some men cheat... Just like some women cheat... Not all for either gender. These people that say all men cheat need to get a life!!! Sorry I am not mad at you its just generalising in general like this really gets up my nose. Some people are quite prepared to bend the truth to say what they want to believe and those people have problems. Saying all men cheat is like saying all women b*tc*s or all women are S**ts, is that true about all women, no it's not and it is not true all men cheat. No of course it's not stupid for a women to believe her man is true, she does however need to be good at picking up on the signs of cheating just like a man needs to be if his wife is cheating. For the women that do have a cheating man I feel sorry for them. I do think women turn a bit of a blind eye to it when it is happening because they don't want to believe it is happing. Yeah well the thing is men probably do cheat much more but the difference seems to be when a man does it girls are like oh what a pig, how could he, all men are pigs etc but if a women cheats it is more like oh she must have had her reasons I feel sorry for her, so they keep it quite. Now if that's not wrong then what is. Sorry for my rant it's not at you, its at this way people behave instead and I am not trying to offend you or anyone else in anyway.


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  • That's total nonsense. It's not even close to being true. Where did you hear such a thing? I've never heard anyone say that. There have been all kinds of studies on it, and the numbers are all over the place. Those kind of studies are very unreliable. The number seem to vary from around 20-60% for cheating at least once in their life. The numbers for women are almost as high and some studies even show women cheat more often.

    Yea, it still kinda sucks, but it's not even close to all.

  • All men don't cheat. But virtually all men are CAPABLE of cheating.

    I'll assume that 80% of men are average guys. They're decent socially, they have friends, they're good looking, but they're not extremely above the average guy.

    A guy who is a famous celebrity or a model for example will have a much harder time being loyal to his girlfriend because he will be constantly surrounded by hundreds of young attractive women who would want to have sex with him. And eventually, he will give in to the temptation at some point.

    But for the average guy, it takes a degree of work to get a woman to sleep with you. Usually that will be enough of a deterrent for the guy to realize that his girl is special and isn't worth cheating.

    To quote a comedian "Men cheat more often but women do it with the one they love" lol

    Seriously though, I'd say probably about 1/3 of men cheat.

    • well my boyfriend is an attorney and public defender ,and has his share of female friends,what will you say the chances are there?

    • the same chance as a guy with a six pack abs who makes $25,000 a year at jiffy lube. basically, your boyfriend is not enough of a celebrity to put him at any more risk than the average guy.

  • this is a presupposition (loaded question)

    No, some people like loyalty and monogamy, their is a pair bonding that goes on in some peoples brains no matter how attractive, confident, athletic, horny, or what have just won't happen with some people, out of the question.

    Some people are capable of passion and respect.

  • Most don't, but since cheaters go through so many women it seems to women that they are more common then they are.

    If I judged what jobs were common by who phoned me I would think half the worlds population must be telemarketers.

  • A lot of men do cheat; however, just as many women cheat. Just look at the number men who are raising children who not biologically theirs unbeknownst to them.

    Women are just as awful in every way as men. This is why it's so hard to find a good partner for both genders.

    I have never cheat and, apparently, I'm in the minority.

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  • I read only 30% men and 20% of women cheat. Its just a social saying that is almost making it normal for men to cheat ! It isn't. Its a saying that cheaters can use to justify themselves.

  • Cheaters run in herds. That goes for both men and women. The men who say all men cheat think that is true because they surround themselves with people just like them. The women who say all men cheat are attracted to something in the Chester's personality. (Charm? Who knows) So they end up dating the same type of guy over and over again and thus, they all cheat.

    The exact same phenomenon is behind "all women are crazy" and pretty much every single claims that all of one gender is one way or the other.

  • Guys feel tempted to try all the different fruits in the market. They like apples, bananas, mangoes, kiwis, etc...They see the beauty and taste in each one of them. Given the opportunity, many guys would be interested in trying as many as they can.


    There are guys who were raised right or who have learned how to discipline themselves. There is a guy who thinks "Oh! I must sleep with this beauty" and another who would rather say "She is a beautiful woman" and that's it. His morals will stop him from taking further action.

    The temptation is there and the strong desire might be there too, but there are plenty of guys out there who would never cheat...not because they can't...but because they are decent, have good control over themselves and they truly respect their women and see in one woman all different kinds of fruits. :)


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