Do you think my ex was really rude or am I sensitive?

I dated this guy I work for about 7 months. It was my first serious relationship, and I really cared about him a lot. He's the one who wanted to break up because he needed to focus on his career and didn't have time to focus on a girlfriend and blah, blah. I was super sad that he dumped me, and two weeks after I sent him a text one night that said, "Nick, I really miss you." He never responded. I mentioned to a mutual friend/co-worker and he said that he went out with my ex and some other people from work a few days ago, and one of the guys that works in my ex's department said "Hey Nick, I really miss you." and then they started laughing. Clearly, this means that he told people at work about the text, and thought it was funny. I think its really embarrassing for people to know about this text. Do you think it was rude of my ex to do this, or am I just being sensitive?


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  • WOW he's extremely insensitive.

    Im sorry he's such a child.

    DROP this douche bag.

    whats even worse is he made it a point to let you HEAR his friend say that...

    thats so messed up!


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  • no you're not being sensitive, he's being an ass

    and honestly this brought me to tears, cause my exs name is Nick and I love him so much, but he broke up with me last week... :/

  • No you are not sensitive! He is an as*hole! Thank God he did you a favor and broke it off! YOU DESERVE BETTER


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