Why would he tell me to text him, but not respond when I do?

This guy and I have a thing, I guess we're together? He broke his phone the day after he asked me out, it's been a week. We don't work together or go to the same school, but we managed to hang out once last week (he broke his phone 2 Sundays back). I knew he was getting a new phone today, he called me. We only talked briefly, one minute, and he told me to text him, and I told him to text me. We haven't talked since we hung out, so I texted him about an hour after the call. He hasn't responded- What gives. He friended me on FB... I'm worried because it looks like I have NO friends on fb because I alway deactivate it, then reactivate it for a few days every couple months and get a post or two... Is that why? Does he think I'm a loser now?


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  • If he does he a selfish socially blind idiot leave him I bet you could do better

  • He's not thinking of you as a loser.

    It seems that he's just holding you around because you have a "thing".

    It's best if you stop thinking of him and find a guy for yourself who can shower you with care and attention.

    • He really likes me, or that's how he made it seem... And by thing I mean, he asked if I'd go out with him boyfriend/girlfriend and I pretty much said yes, we haven't hooked up.

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