Can you subconciously feed someone hope or string them on/lead them on?

If my EX said to me, "I don't see us together now, but I see us together in the future" can he be "subconsciously" leading me on?

[I broke up with him but I think it was a mutual ending. I did not beg him to come back, etc. he told me this 7 months after we broke up. We are DISTANT "friends" who never talk. We are also on different continents.]

I think most people know how they feel or what they want.

However, my friend said that a person can "subconsciously" feed another persons hope(as my EX might be doing) or lead people on without being mean or trying to.
  • No, you cannot subconsciously lead someone on or give them hope without meaning to.
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  • Yes, you can subconsciously lead someone on or give them hope.
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Fr those of you who would like to answer "yes" please explain more if you have the time. Thanks


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, it is possible, very possible.

    You see, there is something called "hope". When "hope" gets taken away, it leads to despair. For example, if a guy really likes a girl, and the girl doesn't exactly say "no" right away, because she is afraid of hurting the guy, the guy gets hope. He thinks that he has a chance, and over that period of time, that small kindle of hope makes his obsession even worse. Then when the girl finally says that she doesn't like him, the guy is devastated. I have seen this before.


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What Guys Said 2

  • ask Bane from batman lol.

  • You really can't. Leading someone on is a conscious effort.


What Girls Said 1

  • Some one did this to me and I don't think people can subconsciously do this to you they know what their doing . If some one really wants some one they would make an effort to be with them

    if they really wanted them they would want to be with them right now

    that I see us together in the the future line is nothing but Bull sh*t I've been feed this before .


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