My boyfriend is looking at a bunch of slutty random girls on Instagram..

Ive been dating a guy who was a unfaithful at the beginning but when we officially got together its been good and getting better everyday. I'm a very genuine sweet and to be honest attractive girlfriend. I could give 2 sh*ts about how any other guy looks or anything but my boyfriend is always liking these slutty pages on insta. I understand they're just pictures and most of the time id probably agree the girl is hot or something and I even have a couple pictures on my phone but it bothers me that he goes out of his way to look at these pictures even after I tiold him how it can make me feel in the past but it happened again a couple days ago and our relationship has never been betterm and our sex life is always great.. I'm usually very laid back and understanding about a lot of things but for some reason things like this get under my skin and its hard to shake. I'm not controlling but he's very jealous so two things I think about is the fact that if the situation was flipped I would be getting so many smart ass comments and sh*t and two that I'm a great girlfriend and I'm very attractive myself... I don't want to be controlling or insecure because I'm pretty confident but it does get under my skin and make me feel badly sometimes and for as much as I respect how he feels about things I may even find ridiculous I feel like I should have some respect about that in return. In way I feel its disrespectful to me... I just want to get some other point of views/insights even though I've thought about most all of them. thanks


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  • hes a perv and he's bored of you...i hate to say it..

    Im assuming by what you posted any guy between the age of 18-24 only wants ONE thing, he has it from you and he gets to have his cake and eat it too..

    so why don't you think of some sexy things to do for him so he doesn't have to look at skanks online...

    leave him breatheless for a couple days..

    send him sexxxy shots of yourself... surprise him w no panties one night...

    thats just my opinion and its worked for me.

    hope I helped you!

    btw don't be mad about it.ATLEAST he isn't talking to them,until then don't be worried..


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  • It seems that he's just a big pervert.

    The only way to resolve this is to get him away from the computer.

    The way to do this is to hang out a lot.

    Go out of the house a lot.


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  • He sounds like a pervert, sorry. You are obviously giving him not just love but sex too, and he still needs to look at other girls on instagram and etc? Sounds like he is one of those douchey guys who has difficulty with monogamy and gets bored easily ( not your fault at all). If he was unfaithful from the beginning, are you really sure he got better? It is good you are laidback, but I think this is something you shouldn't let slide. Either address it with him to find a compromise or solution, or leave him. Sounds like you deserve better. And I personally know things like this really hurt.


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