I have a really complicated relationship with my ex who I'm still friends with

I have an Ex who has repeatedly asked me to keep talking to her because she says she's lonely although when I do text her she completely ignores my texts and phone calls when she obviously no longer has any friends and half her family hates her and I'm the only person she says she trust :/ its just so frustrating


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  • Confront her about it. She's not being fair to you. You can't guilt trip someone into being a support system but ignore them when it's inconvenient for you.

    • actually I've been trying to confront her about it since December of last year but still no reply on Facebook,email,phone or text its also kinda hard for me to forget about her because how memorable our time together was

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    • well I guess it is time I move and put this to rest and forget about it

    • Yes, I think that's best in the long run for you

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  • Okay, lonely in what sense? Why does it matter to you that she doesn't text back? It seems like you need to establish what relationship you have with her first, then comfort her accordingly if you really care.

    • lonely in the sense that her last boyfriend made her cut ties with all her friends and some of her family because he was a paranoid asswipe...and we were best friends before we got together its kinda hurtful when someone you have such strong feeling for refuses to speak to you for no apparent reason when they know you'll do anything for them

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    • (continued)

      For now reconsider your relationship with her, it isn't ideal for you to be led on to believe you are being helpful when in fact you're complicating her affairs by getting involved. Be patient for a while and see if you are able to get into contact, up front if possible. The least thing you can do in honor of your continued support to her is allow her to realize you are always there for her in her time of need.

    • thanks for the advice

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