HELP! I hooked up with my ex.....

Long story short my ex and I broke up almost two months ago, its been a big roller coaster ride ever since. I will always love him but some things just aren't meant to be, and I had to leave the relationship cause I realized it would never work. I was really upset the first month, but now I am doing really well. He instantly began partying and doing the rebound thing.

Last night we hung out with mutual friends and we were both pretty drunk. When I thanks him for being civil and cool last night, he started telling me he missed me, and how he thinks about me everyday ( you would never think this was true cause I rarely hear from him, and when I do he is kinda mean). We both were pretty drunk and ended up hooking up, while one of his new interests was out in the next room. He of course told me he loved me, and the girl left. After he left to go talk to her, saying he was telling her how he felt and ending things (I don't buy it).

This morning I felt pretty bad, because I have a new interest and I don't want to go back to him. I tried to talk to him to clear the air, and hopefully make things right. He won't respond. I have decided to let him come to me. But my question is why is he refusing to talk to me and just be civil, we do have mutual friends, alot, so we can avoid each other forever.

Why is he acting like this, and do you have any advice for the situation?


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  • You said it yourself, he said he wants you back, what's hard to understand about his reaction? Okay, despite the fact you took him back to some extent, I believe you should take responsibility for hurting his emotions, even though it was unintentional. Give him some peace by telling him you want to move on and your mind is made up. If you ever show an ex a shed of feelings when you yourself ended it, how do you expect them to get over you a second time? This is what you need to think about when you next speak to him.

    • I agree. I feel terrible and that's why I tried to reach out to apologize. I just don't get why if he really wanted to get back together he would have left to go talk to this girl, when I told him that if he was serious about wanting to work things out he needed to stay and talk it out with me, then when I do reach out completely ignore me. I just don't understand what he is trying to do, or if he really does miss me or if its just a game?

    • I hear you. The fact is you're over him, and intend to start moving on. Everyone has their bad traits in any relationship and in this case you don't have to involve yourself with his anymore because you have made your choice. Be clear with the situation for yourself first of all. It is indeed a relationship of your past and no more. So to be perfectly clear, stop holding back and ignore any sense of justification towards his contradictory actions. I hope you can work things out in the end!

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  • Stop associating yourself with him.

    Don't think of him and focus your time and attention with your new interest.

    If you spend more time with your ex, you won't completely get over him and lots of dramas and issues will simply arise.


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  • I hooked up with my ex Monday night after two weeks of him dumping me. BAD MOVE. Lots of emotions came up and I feel like I am starting back to square one,. I told him I am going back to NO CONTACT and ONLY to reach out to me if he is interested in rekindling our relationship, but I need to move forward. It was pretty sad and I dream about his face when he got out of my car and looked back at me every night now. With that being said, it seems like you BOTH are moving on with other prospects and it may have just been the alchohol? I wouldn't contact him. You don't seem like you want the relationship back so moving forward is the best way to go.


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