Guys what are some signs you give a girl when your interested but want her to make the first move?

Guys what are some signs you give a girl if you want her to make the first move?


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  • There are a lot of things.

    1. Staring at her from time to time.

    2. Always initiating conversations.

    3. Breaking the touch barrier

    4. Smiling at her

    5. Flirting with her.


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  • i have always wanted the girl I'm interested in to make the first move but it has never happened. hopefully one day. in one of my classes there is this girl I think is really hot and every time she walks by my attention goes from the computer right to her. I'm pretty shy and have a hard time showing people I'm interested. if that girl came up to me and made the first move it would probably be the highlight of my year.

  • 1. Giving her more attention than I give other girls.

    2. Making sure she catches me staring at her.

    3. Tell her she "looks good" every once in a while

    4. Offer to help her with certain things even if it's a hassle

    5. Flirting

    • what do you expect her to do after you do that? I would appreciated it if you can be specific.

  • Trying to be touchy/feely

    Looking her up and down(not in an overly sexual way. just being observant)

    Flirty conversation

    A lot of smiling

  • Sneaking looks from far away, but getting real shy up close...

    Looking but then when you catch us looking, quickly looking away

    • Hmmm, so this is going to make a girl approach and ask you out? I have a shy man who does this with me, but I myself am shy and so I will not ask him out. In fact, I think he is giving me the "not interested" vibes because he is so freaking shy. So I give up on him, not ask him out.

    • If a guy is that shy, you have to at least make it dead easy for him to talk to you. Either that or say hi yourself.

  • You can tell if he is trying to take glances of you. If he can't help to continue glancing at you even though he is trying not to be obvious, but if you see him glancing a few times then I would say that would be the sign.


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