Help with damage control!

So basically me and my girlfriend of 3 months broke up a couple weeks ago. It was mutual at first we hugged and talked about it said we could still be friends. I kinda freaked out for a week trying to get her back. Then I was done when she told me to never call her again. But we had one last work shift together and she was really nice to me and said bye.

That renewed my feelings and killed my no contact progress. I texted her the next day saying it was good to see her and hoped we could be friends later. I didn't get a response for 4 days. I left her a message telling her I needed closure after seeing her at work and being normal. Didn't hear back. I drunk texted her and woke up to some pretty mean responses. I texted back again asking for closure. She said maybe in some years and basically told me to f*** off. I just said thank you and bye. Then she sent me a really hurtful text couple hours later. I sent one back telling her why she hurt me so much. I felt bad so I just sent one last one that said "Don't respond to this but I just wanted to say I'm sorry for everything" She responded and said "It's alright, I'm sorry too".

I still want this girl in my life but all directions point towards me never speaking to her again or at least not for years as she clearly stated multiple times. But the fact that she responded and apologized back surprised me and I felt we ended things on a rather good note. Is there anything else I can do for damage control here? Or just go no contact for maybe 3 months or so... Was thinking of wishing her a happy birthday in 3 1/2 months.


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  • Simply keep contact with her.

    It's clear that she's waiting for you, and wants to make it up with you again.

    If you go by the no contact, you'll just push her away.

    • every time I contact her she either ignores me or tells me to leave her alone... The last text before she apologized to me said that I was causing her a great deal of anxiety by continuing to contact her.

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    • Why would it make you look a stalker?

      It doesn't.

      It means that you value you her so much that texts won't do enough.

    • Showing up at an ex's house when they have said they don't want to talk to you 2 times seems stalkerish.

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