Am I reading too much into it or could he be interested?

I have the biggest crush on my co-worker but he's hard to read. He works in a different department but I usually see him in the break room or when I'm getting off work and I'm leaving the building. Anyway, he has started conversations with me, and I him. We never actually were introduced to each other, but he knew things like my name and what department I work in. However, it's not constant, because sometimes he'll come sit near/next to me in the break room but not say much. Whenever we talk, he's not good about eye contact either. How can I get him to open up without being blatant about it?


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  • It's hard to tell from the information here. However, the lack of eye contact could be a sign of interest. Knowing your name and department could be a sign too, but I don't know how big of a company this is. He might sit near you and not say much because he doesn't know what to say, and also doesn't want to be "blatant."

    I'd say just give him enough of an opening to say things--an opportunity to give you a compliment might help (maybe pick a day when you feel kind of a mess; comment that you feel like you look a mess today, see if he takes the opportunity to say you actually look good. Things like that). Smile. String out your hellos and goodbye a little.

    But probably the easiest thing to do is to talk about things you like, and get involved enough in the conversations that it eventually leads to "maybe I'll show it to you sometime" or "you should go, it's great" or whatever. If he's interested it should eventually get there if you give him enough room.

    You can always just be blatant if nothing's happening but that often doesn't work :-P


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