I had to block her. Any hobby suggestions

?god, I couldn't stand it any longer. My emotions are mixed. She didn't have to leave. So, anyways, I blocked her because I am tired of dwelling on her. Any fun hobbies that I can start pursuing besides checking up on my ex girlfriends Facebook?


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  • There are TONS of things you can do. Such as travelling, going to concerts, finding other women, hang out with friends/family, learn to play an instrument, learn to paint, boxing, drawing, whatever you wanna do, its your life.

    • i already play guitar and have an album out. You oughta check it out! :)

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    • That sounds like a lot of fun :)

    • Thanks for BA!

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  • Go out, hang out with friends, work out, get a job, set a goal in life and try to pursue it.

    • Thats right! I do need a to work out. I'm all flabby. But I do have a job though. I'm a direct service provider for autistic, down syndrome and mentally disabled people

    • Stay focused on that and do things that make you happy! :)

  • go outside! go for bike rides, go jogging. start exercising if you don't already. channel all those emotions into something else.

    • I live in Alaska. If I rode a bike right now I might slide on the ice, get trampled on by a goofy moose or get mauled by a bear. Any other hobby suggestions? :)

    • Oof. never mind that. start getting into some good books? I have no idea what else there is to do in alaska lol

  • Just listened to your music... I love it :) I'm a musician too but not that good haha.

    Anyway, back to the question.

    I'm in the same boat, personally being with my friends is the biggest help. Talking it out, having them there so I can't look. I got my friend to change my Facebook password so I can't look, but it's very hard; you can see public pages and stuff even if you're not on Facebook. If your friends are there you can talk it out, they can keep an eye on you. It's all about distracting yourself really...

    Previously, I've written songs. It focuses my emotion into that, and the first few times I'm in tears but it feels like relief. They aren't meant to be good, or even for people to like, it's a personal outlet. You may find the same thing helps.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

    • and what's worse is I messaged her, "Miss you babe"and decided to block her after that. I unblocked her for a second to see if you are still able to read messages, and she was able to read it. And I'm pretty sure she posted a picture of her laying in bed with her new boyfriend just to spite me. Hopefully she realized that I blocked her before I was able to see so she won't think I care about her playing her dumb little games.

    • One thing I hate though about writing songs about broken relationships and people hearing them is that they usually want to hear them over and over again because its so full of relatable emotion and opens up old wounds. Then the unartistic person who doesn't really get it likes to share his advise when not asked telling you, "You'll find the right girl some day"

    • That's fair enough. Don't beat yourself up over the mistakes.. the mistakes is usually the sign of someone who still cares. We all slip up, a person who doesn't is a person with no real heart and soul.

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  • Hitting the gym and getting into the shape helped me a lot... ^_^

    might work for you as well :)

    good luck

    • Yeah, I work out but I think I need a personal Trainer. I can never achieve big pecs or rock hard abs :)

    • Visit Bodybuilding.com or install an app named "Jefit" in your phone...well I live in India..I don't have a personal trainer too because I go to the government gym but I take workout and diet plans online and learn various exercises from the app or from my colleagues..lol.. Can you believe my fee for the gym is 3 dollars per year...?! :P :P

  • I'd sugggest learning Chinese. You'll meet better women that way, maybe the teacher.

    And it will take your mind totally off your ex

    • Most beautiful women I've ever seen. Imean, together with the Japanese and Vietnamese, and Koreans...in spite of what they all say,they reallydo look pretty similar.

      Best answer, no?

  • Fitness, photography, friends, there's tons of things.

  • Go out and meet more girls. Party.

  • Video games, programming, reading, writing.


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