Should I wait and see what happens or move on?

I've been with my girlfriend for 2 years, everything was going perfectly. A couple of weeks ago things went down hill, she stopped talking to me and everything. 2 days ago she said than she just wants to be friends, I don't understand nor do I know why. She said that we might get back together, I don't know when, maybe in a couple of years. What I want to know is should I wait for a couple of years and see what happens or should I move on?


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  • anytime your personal well being and mental or physical health is on the line… the stakes are too high.. seriously- just get out..forget about it

    if you have an ex (or any girl) that is emotionally destroying you with text messages/calls/etc just say f*** it and move on.. trust me on this… its not worth trying to game here because even though you might “win” you will definitely get f***ed harder by the “loss”

    also.. it is important to have a carefree abundance attitude..some girls are f***ing retarded and its a really bad idea to put your eggs into one basket (one girl) because when she flakes/cheats/lies/whatever you will be crushed/pissed/etc.

    the smart way is to have multiple options because the chance of multiple girls all over you at the same time is unlikely


    thats what you’re setting yourself up for if you don’t have multiple girls/options.

    a man is only as faithful as his options…

    seriously.. though

    if you are in a relationship and have absolutely no prospects (girls texting you..flirting … wanting to hook up.. etc).. its just a matter of time.. if you have no other options you’re gonna get f***ed one day…

    thats the problem with relationships

    people become content.. get fat.. get lazy… just let themselves slide.. ignorance is bliss..until they realize there is no escape from the sexual market

    … fast forward a bit

    when the forces of nature (2 year expiration window) end your relationship – its over..

    just like that.. everything you’ve poured your heart and soul into gets destroyed..

    you lose a part of yourself in every failed relationship– remember that.

    thats why the best situation is to have multiple options and to BAIL (and never look back) at the first sign of trouble.


    you alone define what is too much trouble..

    maybe it is

    1. girl hanging out with other guys

    2. girl cheating on you

    3. girl not having sex often enough

    4. girl lying to you

    5. whatever

    there is a line we all have to draw (and the further you go the less self respect is left and the more beta you are.. basically its up to you how much disrespect from her you’re willing to tolerate)

    just remember.. there comes a point when there are more important things than notches/lays/game/”value”. .. I know I write a lot about game here but there are some lines not worth crossing … namely:

    1. girls that have dated or are dating your close friends (unless you don’t mind the friendship ending)

    2. exes (self-explanatory)

    3. girls with husbands/family (yeah I know its tough.. but I don’t tread this dangerous territory – boyfriends are bad enough)

    4. girls with mental issues (bipolar, ADHD, extreme druggies, etc )

    game is just like everything else in life.. its meant to be fun.. its meant to help you understand and succeed.. but once the stakes get too high you really should say f*** it and bail.

    this way you never put yourself at risk; because you don’t gamble with what you can’t afford to lose.. and you can’t afford to lose yourself.

    trust me on this Bro


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  • i think what you should do is ask why she's breaking up with you. it would be unfair if she wants someone else all of a sudden. also don't wait too long for her if she does break up with your for good because you'd be wasting your time. but yeah let us know what happens! good luck!

  • I see why you would want to wait for her. You was with her for 2yrs., but have you really thought about why she made this decision. Not to be mean but maybe she found someone else she wants to start dating,Its also possible she just wants a break. I know its hard bt I think you should move on for right now. If she loves you she'll come running back.

  • i agree with soconfused94. I can't really think of anything else than to wait for her. maybe you just need to leave her alone for a while so she can realize that you are worth those 2 years so why break up. wish you good luck!


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  • Based on your post she seems a bit heartless...don't wait for her bro. On the off chance that a better girl for you might show up...i mean try to talk to her and find out what the issue was. But if she really don't want you anymore there is nothing you can do. Mind you this is just advice and you can do whatever you want. But if she ended it just like that, even threw the friend line at you, bail. I wouldn't even take that friend route. If she really wants you she will come around if not, like I said, don't wait.


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