I want to save my relationship? what should I do?

My boyfriend and I have been arguing a lot recently. we've been together for 2 years. he broke up with me last week (i'll admit it was mostly my fault) he took me back the same night after talking about the problem. tonight I feel like I had no fault yet he walked out on me. I know he is upset and out partying, but it hurts me that he cared about having fun with his friends than fixing the problem with me first. I really love him but I'm always sacrificing myself to be with him and to fix our problems. I'm tired of being there for him and upset that he can't be there for me when I need him. help please! what should I do?
this morning he called me and apologized for being a jerk last night. he said he wanted to be a better boyfriend. that he still loved me and he want to be with me. then no news from him at all today. is he playing with my feelings? again I know for a fact that he had a party tonight that I wasn't allowed to go to because I'm not 21 yet, but I'm getting desperate and I don't know what to do. I want to break up with him to make him realize he's losing me but I also know I might lose him forever. help!


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  • Many girls somehow believe that if they put up with a guy's bad behavior long enough, that he will eventually see how much she loves him, and will love and respect her equally in return. Unfortunately, this is a totally misguided notion.

    Most guys want a fun, self-confident girl, who respects herself, and who doesn't need him to have a good time. Once a guy knows you can't live without him, and will put up with any selfish or bad behavior he dishes out, your chances of keeping him challenged and interested in you goes right out the window.

    Not only should you respect other people, but you should demand the same degree of respect for yourself. You should never put up with any kind disrespect from anyone, especially a person you are in a relationship with. You will have a much better chance of keeping a guy interested in you if you stand up yourself, than if you allow him to walk all over you.

    Just remember that there are 4 billion guys on the planet. If the guy you are with starts displaying negative, or disrespective behavior towards you, be willing to walk away. If you do, it's very possible he will chase after you with new found respect. A respect he will never have for you if you can't respect yourself enough to leave.

    hope this helped :)

    good luck bud..!

    • i know he loves me or else he wouldn't be with me but I feel that every time we argue he only wants to walk away. I guess this is something I can start doing. my sister also advised me to let him be and give us some time. I don't want to lose him but I've made up my mind that I'm not going to look for him. thanks DanteSparda.

    • We all have our own battles in life.. I'm also going through relatively same situation ,girl left me for another ugly dude...but I'm trying to get over it and walking away from her as soon as possible.. and No worries ^_^

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  • Unfortunately being in a relationship means going though rough patches like this. The best thing you both could do is learn from this experience. You two should have a sit down and talk about what it is your fighting about. Take turns talking and really listen to what the issue is. He should give you the same courtesy. *incoming cliché* communication is key. Been working for me and my girl (5.5 years together broke up like twice lol and made up the same night or the next day, and recently engaged) Also, we only have your side of the story so its hard to say what you should do exactly. There are always two sides to a story. Maybe ask him to post how he feels here lol.

    • wow congrats on your engagement! I think I'm always considerate and try to put myself in his shoes and be understanding. usually its me begging him, but this morning he called me instead and apologized for last night. he told me he loved me and he still wanted to be with me. I guess that's good but I still feel confused about what I should do. I keep getting advice that I should give us some time apart but its really hard for me.

    • Hey advice is just that the final decision is yours to make. Honestly it takes a certain level of maturity to man up and apologize; he gets my respect. Takes a whole 'nother level of maturity to learn from your mistakes and catch yourself screwing up as its happening lol. Anyways if you feel like you don't know where to go from here, tell him and see how he reacts. You might get your answer that way. Again this is just advice. Your life is your own to live, that's what's so great about it lol.

  • You should simply talk out your concerns with him. Let him know how painful it is to you for not considering you as a priority.


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