Girls, will you settle for someone when the guy you really want doesn't make his move?

There is a girl at work who has been sending me signals since day one. I know that she has a boyfriend but she keeps talking about him as though they are close to breaking up, but she doesn't actively complain to me about him, just people around me. We get along really well, she always comes around me to just hang out and chat and gets in real close sometimes when we talk. There is the unprovoked/longer than normal eye contact and touching when we're close. Also, I knew her well before she started dating this guy and all the same flirting was there when we were both single, I just never made my move or made my interest as clear.

I don't want to be a homewrecker but at the same time I don't know if she is looking to move on and rather be with me, because it feels like she is inviting me to make a move still. She doesn't seem like the type of girl to cheat on her boyfriend as well so I don't think she is trying to initiate something like that. I have never taken a girl from another guy, and don't really know what I'm doing. Should I keep her as a friend, avoid any semblance of cheating and wait for the relationship to run it's corse (but refuse to be Mr. Back-up or emotional support) and try again when she's single? What is considered a short, not too serious relationship? 6 months? Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated.


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  • No, I won't settle for a guy I don't have feelings for just because he asked. But I will tell you this story.

    Senior year of high school, I liked a guy. He seemed to like me back... like he would give me signs here and there... but he never made any sort of move (I later learned he did, in fact, like me at the time). After a few months of waiting for him, I got intruduced to his best friend. Well, Guy 2 and I hit it off and he asked me out after a couple months of talking a lot. He ended up being my first love, so I don't regret it at all. But it is weird that Guy one and I both liked each other at the same time, and yet never dated because neither of us did anything about it.


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  • let her make a move . equality


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