My ex girlfriend smokes weed, why?

So I had a nasty break up with my girlfriend. (now ex)

After a few months she got a tatto and it has now come to my knowledge that she smokes weed.

I'm just trying to understand the psychology behinde this ( behavior ).

Why or how come a girl would do this after a break up?

I don't think it's healthy (to smoke weed), but any information to help me understand this would be very appreciated.

Thank you.


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  • she wants to be tough!


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  • She's reinventing herself.

    Women tend to do this after a bad breakup because they feel like they need to distract themselves from the emotional pain they're feeling; and simultaneously move on with a new and better persona.

    Destructive behavior , in this sense, is actually really complicated because the end goal is new growth. The easiest way to explain it is with that line from Fight Club "its only after we've lost everything that we're free to gain anything."

    The behavior generally only lasts for about 3-6 months before we settle back down into a new routine and move on with life.

    • Thank you for taking your time to answer my Q. I feel sad knowing/about her smoking weed. I know I coused her a lot of pain and that makes me feel sadness as well. I hope she will get "better" with time.

    • She'll be okay, just give it time and don't worry! Of all drugs she could have possibly picked, weed is probably the least concerning. They give it to cancer patients in some countries.

    • Spot on, now she was talking about how much she likes her "new" self (lifestyle), both health & economic.

      So f***ing pathetic.

  • She might have wanted to do those things when you were together but didn't because she knew you wouldn't "approve."

  • She probably started to smoke to forget the bs she's has gone thou , slow her mind down enough to think or she just may like it, who knows. Now the tattoo thing, she could just have wanted one. The only person who can answer these questions for you is her herself. Its her body. So I would say either get the guts to ask her yourself or talk to her friends but know talking to her friends they will tell her you asked about her. You won't get a good understanding of the psychology of it unless you talk directly to the girl in question. I know this answer can't really help but no one else can answer this for you but her

  • It's hardly unhealthy, to smoke weed in moderation. She's doing new stuff, living for HER now. It's hard to find yourself sometimes after you've been with another person for an extended period of time. After I got out of my first longterm relationship from age 16-20, I got my tattoo and my navel pierced. I also turned 21 4 months later and partied my ass off. It took me over a year to fully recover from the severe depressing funk I fell into, but I don't regret my changes.

    • "but I don't regret my changes"

      I don't believe you.

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    • Where did whore come in? I think we're on completely different pages here. I also never said anything about you hurting her really bad. I was talking about MY experience and my guy didn't do anything intentionally to hurt me. He was a hardcore alcoholic, which ended up being the demise of us, couldn't take it anymore. So yea, it took me a long time to recover losing some I cared about that way. I said I partied, I didn't say I dropped my pants every chance I got, you're sort of a jerk.

    • Aright, now I know were it is heading. Thanks.

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