What is a good habit you're trying to form/bad habit you're trying to break?

The good habits I'm trying to form are reading more and living a more balanced lifestyle (getting more appropriate amounts of sleep and keeping my bedroom and car a little more orderly).

And the bad habit I'm trying to break (though it's more a cultural thing than anything) is saying "like" and "ya know" so much.

What about you?


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  • A good habit I'm trying to form is to keep up with working out and getting in shape, and eating right. Not to lose weight, just to get in shape and feel better. So far it is working out alright, but sticking with it is not easy.

    A bad habit to break...well, it's not a habit necessarily, but I'm trying to improve my relationship with my parents. we're not on the greatest terms as of now, and I'd like to change that before I move out in a couple months after I graduate high school.

    • you are good looking so you are going to have a good life . I'm ugly so I'm set to be hated by all women which I am

    • Good for you best answer I seen.

    • @ BigJoe Thanks! :)

      @ adamfk1 well thank you. and don't say you're ugly. everyone is beautiful in their own way.

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  • Good habit- getting more exercise every day, meditation when I'm stressed

    Bad habit- eating chocolate, lashing out at people when I'm stressed

    The bad habits are definitely harder to break than developing the good ones- you just tend to fall back into old patterns.

  • A good habit I'm trying to develop is... optimistic thinking.

    A bad habit I'm trying to shake is... letting others dictate how I feel about myself.


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  • Good habit: Drink a beer every day, due to its health benefits (Haven't gotten sick this year, and I attribute it to a beer a day.)

    Bad habit: Fast food about five times a week ... heh.

  • I've been working a while on not being too hands-on when flirting with Anglo or Jewish or other Green Beret type girls...but since I was raised Italian, it's really difficult.

    My first inclination is to pinch them when they get in front of me...

  • lol I'm guitar903. you got April fooled pretty bad :p


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