Ex boyfriend commitment issues?

When my (now) ex boyfriend and I were in a relationship, it was going really well and progressing and we weren't getting into any fights. Then out of the blue he withdrew physically and then started to distance himself from me and took a break from our relationship. When he was breaking up with me he told me I wasn't like any other girl because he liked me a lot and I was perfect but just didn't want a relationship right now with anyone because he wasn't mature enough. He also told me break ups were inevitable and it would hurt more if we broke up in the future. A week after our relationship he started flirting randomly with all these girls and probably hooked up with some, and has always been flirtatious. At first he was avoiding me and not eating lunch with our friend group, but he has gradually been talking to me more and more. he's been really rude to his friends and always hates when people tell him he's wrong about something. He also told someone he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore but also tells other people that after time he wants to be friends with me and start over and he hates hurting me and likes me a lot. He always stares at me and tries to initiate contact with me at school. he's been really nice to me and kind of touchy lately. He sat by me in the morning and touched my hand, and during lunch he sat next to me on the ground and tried talking with me. I like him a lot still, but all of his relationships have only lasted three months while ours lasted for six and I'm afraid that once our relationship got to that point where it was becoming serious, he bailed because he was afraid of his feelings for me. I want him back but I don't know how to start. Its been a month now and I Haven't initiated any contact, but he has. What should I do?


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  • well first of all you and him seem like you where a young couple ( still in school ) and its fine to date and get close to people when your young and still in school but I wouldn't ever try to get in to deep with someone at that time in your life becuase that's the time to date around and find yourself and who you really are . you or him either one has not gone through enough life lessons yet to really be able to love someone for real . I'm saying this becuase I just want you to understand that you are young and your going to have a lot of guys come in and out your life . and that is the fun part of getting older and dateing . so if this guy don't work out for you then don't take it to hard he is just the first of many .

    now to answer your question and I'm saying this from experience that most of the time in a relationship when everything is going good then all of a sudden one person is stand offish and starts backing off a lot of times its because the person has met someone else . he probably started to like another girl or just wanted to be able to date other girls . that don't make him mean or anything and he probably cares about you and really didn't want to hurt you . if I was you I would still try to talk to him if you want but don't just focus on him . I would date around as well and just have fun .


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