Should I ask her to hang out even though we haven't talked in weeks?

I hung out with a girl once (ex-coworker, we don't work together anymore) about three weeks ago. Only for a couple hours. Nothing sexual happened, but it was the first time we hung out outside of work and it was fun. She texted me a couple hours afterward saying it was fun.

Since then, radio silence from either side for three weeks.

I'm thinking whether to text her to hang out again. Only thing holding me back is that it took me a couple attempts to get her to hang out the first time (legit excuses, offered alternative times) and I'm wondering if she just hung out to "appease" me, since if I mentioned future things to do together there would be no response.

Also, since it's been so long, it'll basically be restarting.


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  • It wouldn't be restarting. Why don't you just try texting and talking to her and if she seems into you, then ask her out again. If she's not into it, move on.


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  • Three weeks isn't that long, it would not be restarting it would be building on progress. Go ahead text her again, take a chance. If she said she had fun she probably did.


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  • You should really ask her out again.

    Don't let the attraction die so soon.


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